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Specializing in premium hand-crafted custom designs


Hand-Crafted Premium Desings

All of our work is expertly crafted with all-natural materials.

Driven By Passion

I discovered my talent at the age of four. Sketching characters onto the blank spaces of the novels that mom used to read.

Oil Paintings
Wood Carvings
Metal Jewelry

Recent Work

Custom artwork, expertly crafted

Jewelry Stash

For jewelry, stash, or small storage.
The hinges and front latch are one a single rope
wrapped with a smaller rope in the back.

Cow Bow Ring

This bone is from the cows foot. 

Brass Bangle Bracelet

Handmade brass bangle bracelet. 
Made to adjust. 


Adjustable Brass Bangle Bracelet

Handmade brass bangle bracelet: 
Made to adjust.
This item is made to order. Please allow 3 to 5 days for manufacturing.

Unique Ace of Diamonds Wooden Box Incense Holder

Burns incense on either end
Hand carved from solid reclaimed wood.
Hand painted and clear coated for long lasting use.

Cedar Wood Box

Unique handmade fabric on cedar jewelry, stash, storage box

Pine Wood Box

Handmade, carved, pine cone re-purposed wood, stash, storage, jewelry box, with rope latch hinge. Square mirror is mounted on the underside of the lid.

Incense Holder

Handmade, carved, unique style incense holder 

Cedar Jewelry Box

Handmade wooden cedar jewelry, storage, stash box

Wooden Wall Decor Set

These are Hand carved from repurposed wood.
Stained and clear coated.

Pine Jewelry Box

Handmade, decorated flower jewelry box

Purple Incense Holder

Handmade, premium incense style holder

About Chris

I like working with my hands. My shop is loaded with handmade arts some of which are over 30 years old.

Chris gary

I enjoy bringing my imagination to life. I love to do portraits of students and teachers, and I also attended an advanced art class in high school.

I do drawings, paintings, portraits, logos, beads, bone, feather, metal jewelry, and a various wood works.

Most of my sales are made offline where my customers are able to see and feel the full quality of my work. 

My boxes and incense holders are made to last for generations. They make great family heirlooms. 


What my customers are saying

I can’t tell how much I was happy about this order… This wooden box is so beautiful, still smells wood, the seller was so kind and ready to cooperate on all levels. I highly recommend this shop!!!

Labôune Laboûne

Fabulous and unique. Fast shipping. I will be back for more


Very pretty! Love it!
Appreciate the fast shipping too!
Thank You!

Sue Hamilton

Made To Order

Visit my online store

Oil Paintings


Hand painted canvas art that’s inspired real life events. A perfect fit for wall decor inside your home or office.

Wood Carvings

From $150

Designed with precision in a Georgia-based workshop that creates high-quality handmade woodworks from all-natural products 

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